April, 2010 Beamers Tanning & More was featured in Smart Tan Magazine...We believe its our Customers and the hard work & dedication of The Beam Team that make Beamers Tanning & More something to "Beam" about! 

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In 2009 Beamers Tanning & More was Distinguished as one of the Nations Top 250 Tanning Salon Facilities

Looking Fit Magazine, a national trade publication supporting the indoor tanning industry, recently named Beamers Tanning & More as one of the Top 250 Salons in the United States for 2009.

For the past decade, Looking Fit editors have worked diligently to identify the Top 250 indoor tanning salons in the industry.  Published in the February 15, 2009 issue of Looking Fit, this award identifies Beamers Tanning & More as one of the most innovative, dynamic and fastest-growing indoor tanning salons in the Nation.

The success of the salons chosen can be attributed to a number of factors including their professionalism, commitment to education and superior customer service.  Year after year, the indoor tanning industry grows in direct proportion to consumer confidence gained through knowledgeable tanning salon owners and operators who have the welfare of their customers in mind.

The U.S. indoor tanning industry represents more than 25,000 freestanding tanning salons and have an economic impact of more than $5 billion.  The industry promotes moderate, sensible and responsible tanning - indoors and outdoors.


and want our customers to know we will continue our committment to excellence and uphold the standards to which we earned this recognition.  We know that your tanning isn't just about the tan....its the experience! 

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