Spray Tanning


Do you have a special occasion or do you want that “UV FREE” tan? We now have sunless airbrush tanning available. No need to worry about having an orange tint…we offer the Norvell Spray System exclusively at Beamers that gives you that “Just off the Beach” color in a matter of minutes and lasts 5 to 7 days, with proper maintenance color results can extend even longer! Call us for more information (616) 754-1SUN (1786)

Clients should exfoliate thoroughly either the day before or the day of the spray. Moisturizers, deodorant, perfume and soaps should be avoided the day of the spray as they can react with the spray solution. All makeup must be removed if face is to be sprayed.

For full body tans, clients may choose to wear a bikini or g-string. After the spray tan, please wear dark loose clothing or clothing that you do not mind being discolored and flip flops. Tan will wash out on natural fabrics but not all synthetics.

After your spray session a short 3-4 minute session (optional) in our standup will be suggested and create phenomenal results. The UV helps to bring out the color as well as fully dry the solution over your skin.

"The Tan" can take 5-7 hours to develop its full color strength. All bathing, showering, sweating, swimming and vigorous exercise must be avoided at least 7 hours after receiving the airbrush tan. Small amounts of color will be washed from the skin during bathing but this does not spoil the tan. We recommend you shower 7-24hrs after the spray for the full effect!

Avoid pools and spas entirely for a minimum 24-48hrs or you can deactivate the DHA development, cause streaking or cause color to prematurely fade (*Hair color chemicals have also been known to cause streaking)

We want your Spray Tan to be all that you would and should expect....its your satisfaction and our reputation that we refuse to sacrifice!

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